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 Primary PE and Sport Premium

At St Katharine’s, we are committed to ongoing and sustained improvement in school PE and sport. As a school that has always valued sport and PE and the place of competition and participation, we look to build on these foundations by promoting staff development in our own and other schools.

The Department for Education objectives for the funding are:

  1. the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles
  2. the profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvements
  3. increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  4. broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  5. increased participation in competitive sport




Below you will find the details of how we used the PE Premium, in PDF format


PE Premium Spending 2018/19 Click here to download
PE Premium Spending 2017/18 Click here to download