curriculum AREs.fw


Year 1 

Use different materials and art techniques to produce artwork and share ideas, experiences & imagination. 

Talk about own art work and other people's work. 

Develop techniques for control, experimentation & increasing awareness of arts, craft & design 

Year 2 

Make good choices of materials and techniques to show ideas. 

Use different medium techniques to produce artwork in a creative way.  

Reflect upon different artists and apply similar suitable techniques in own artwork.  

Year 3 

Show mastery in the use of different medium techniques and apply them effectively.  

Reflect upon the techniques of different artists in order to develop own work, taking into account the purpose of the art work when making choices.  

Year 4 

Make links between the ideas behind own work and those of others, including artists studied.  

Record observations and developments in sketchbook, then use these to select materials and art techniques which are suitable. 

Reflect upon the combination and organisation of ideas, colour, tone, pattern and texture in artwork.  

Year 5 

Confidently analyse and explain ideas, art techniques and methods of own and others' work and relate these choices to the purpose and context of the work. 

Experiment with and manipulate a wide range of materials and techniques with skill and control matching the visual and tactile qualities. 

Adapt and refine work to reflect view of its purpose and meaning.  

Year 6 

Choose relevant visual information and books from book study and use this to help develop work, taking into account the purpose of the art work when making choices. 

Master the manipulation of materials and art techniques and analyse the outcomes. 

Analyse and comment verbally on how ideas and meanings are shown in own and others' work.