curriculum AREs.fw


Year 1 

Collaborate to build a structure. 

Discuss and evaluate ideas and materials. 

Demonstrate an understanding of how to make a structure more stable. 

Year 2 

Design and make a product making choices about how they join materials. 

Sew using a simple running stitch around the edge. 

Evaluate their own and others’ work offering simple suggestions for improvement with a reason. 

Year 3 

Select appropriate ingredients from all food groups to make a healthy meal. 

Explain choices for chosen ingredients describing health benefits. 

Use cooking equipment safely and appropriately as well as following health and safety guidelines whilst working in the kitchen/preparing food. 

Year 4 

Analyse and evaluate mechanical systems used in pop-up books, using technical vocabulary. 

Select appropriate materials to make levers and linkages, considering their strength. 

Make simple annotated sketches and effectively communicate their ideas. 

Year 5 

Research and evaluate existing products in order to identify and explain their features and functions. 

Assess and select materials to suit the purpose, considering their aesthetic qualities. 

Evaluate their own and others’ work suggesting specific areas to improve and how this will make it better. 

Year 6 

Create a prototype in order to improve their final product. 

Create detailed annotated sketches including measurements and material choices. 

Understand and make an effective pulley system, explaining using technical vocabulary.