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Year 1 


Year 2 


Year 3 

Understand simple words, statements and questions. 

Respond briefly, with single words or short phrases. 

Understand single words in a familiar context. 

Copy single familiar words correctly. 

Year 4 

Understand a range of familiar statements, questions and phrases on a given topic. 

Give short simple responses to what they hear and use set phrases. (Pronunciation may be approximate). 

Understand short phrases used in familiar context. 

Copy familiar short phrases correctly and write, with some accuracy, set phrases used regularly. 

Year 5 

Understand short passages, questions and phrases and note main points and personal responses. 

Take part in brief prepared tasks of at least two or three exchanges, using visual clues to help. 

Understand short texts and dialogues and identify main points. 

Write two or three short sentences on familiar topics, using aids. Express personal responses (e.g likes and dislikes). 

Year 6 

Understand longer passages containing conjunctions and be able to note details and give personal responses. 

Take part in simple structured conversations of at least three or four exchanges, supported by visual or other cues. Use knowledge of grammar to adapt and substitute single words and phrases. (Pronunciation is generally accurate). 

Understand short texts containing conjunctions and a variety of language. Identify main points and begin to use context to work out unfamiliar words. 

Write small paragraphs of three to four sentences using conjunctions. Use knowledge of grammar to adapt and substitute some individual words.