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Year 1 

Show enjoyment and increasing confidence in using voices for songs, chants and rhymes, singing broadly in tune within a limited range. 

Play untuned instruments musically and begin to recognise simple rhythmic notation. 

Explore sounds on tuned and untuned instruments, suggesting symbols to represent sounds.  

Respond to different moods in music and well-defined changes in sound. 

Year 2 

Use voices expressively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes taking note of relevant dimensions of music. 

Play instruments musically making decisions about the way they play. 

Improvise on untuned and body percussion showing an understanding of steady beat and rhythm. 

Explore traditional notation through learning the recorder. 

Experiment with, create, select and combine sounds considering different dimensions of music. 

Listen with concentration and understanding to a range of live and recorded music. 

Year 3 

Begin to sing in parts through rounds, canons and partner songs. 

Explore a wider range of instruments using staff and other notation. 

Explore and improvise simple melodic phrases. 

Apply understanding of music to different instruments. 

Explore instruments using improvisation and learn new techniques. 

Year 4 

Sing and play as part of an ensemble with an awareness of what is happening in the group. 

Choose an appropriate way to perform a song and appropriate instrumental sounds to accompany a song or create a mood. 

Recognise how sounds are chosen and combined to achieve an intended effect. 

Recognise individual key instruments in a piece of music. 

Year 5 

Combine ostinato patterns vocally and instrumentally 

Explore chord accompaniments. 

Demonstrate increasing confidence, expression and level of musicality through taking different roles in performance and rehearsal. 

Use a variety of musical devices, timbres, textures, techniques etc. when creating and making music 

Critique own and others’ work, offering specific comments and justifying these. 

Identify repeated and contrasting sections when listening to music and identify instruments from the orchestra. 

Year 6 

Develop increased leadership within an ensemble group. 

Organise rhythmic and melodic phrases in a simple structure. 

Notate compositions using the most appropriate method. 

Listen and evaluate a range of live and recorded music from different traditions, genres, styles and time, responding appropriately to the context. 
Share opinions about own and others’ music and be willing to justify these.