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Year 1 

Begin to show good co-ordination and control in a variety of situations, linking skills and actions when appropriate. 

Copy and experiment with different parts of their body and develop a basic understanding of fundamental movements.  

Have an early appreciation of how feedback can be used to improve performance. 

Start to engage in simple competitive situations  

Understand that exercise is part of being healthy. 

Year 2 

Choose and apply skills in various situations and physical challenges, developing competence when performing individually and with others.  

Start to use simple tactics in games and begin to understand the importance of rules. 

Perform a range of relevant actions, using feedback to improve their performance. 

Engage in simple competitive situations.  

Understand the place of living a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Year 3 

Use a broader range of skills and perform the fundamental movements with proficiency.  

Techniques are experimented with in isolation and combination and they being to compose competently. 

Swim competently and proficiently on their front and back for at least 25m. 

Engage in competitive situations, respond accurately to feedback and develop an understanding of how they can improve. 

Begin to make informed decisions about living an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Year 4 

Perform a broad range of skills and techniques in isolation and combination, with more confidence and control. 

Understand how to set personal targets (using results from competitive situations) and, with some support, seek feedback to improve their personal performance. 

In a variety of physical challenges, compose individually and with peers. 

Swim competently and proficiently on their front and back for at least 25m. 

Make informed decisions about living a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Year 5 

Modify and refine a range of skills and techniques with confidence and control. 

Both inside and outside of competitive situations, set personal targets and seek feedback to improve their personal performance. 

Adopt various roles and develop leadership qualities. 

Make positive choices for pursuing a physically active and healthy lifestyle. 

Year 6 

Confidently compose and utilise a range of skills and techniques in all sorts of physically challenging situations. 

Plan and devise physical activities, utilising effective leadership skills with peers and others. 

Actively engage in competition, demonstrating a sense of desire and improvement to achieve their personal best. 

Are aware of the benefitof being involved in sustained physical activity and understand the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Swim competently and proficiently on their front and back for at least 25m.