curriculum AREs.fw


Year 1 

Retell a religious story.  

Identify and name religious artefacts.  

Begin to explain what symbols and artefacts mean and why they are used. 

Year 2 

Describe religious customs.  

Make a clear link between a religious belief, figure or custom and the actions of believers today.  

Offer own opinions and thoughts 

Year 3 

Retell a religious story and describe what a believer might learn from it.  

Show understanding that different people hold different opinions about religious beliefs.  

Year 4 

Investigate different viewpoints regarding religious beliefs and teachings.  

Make clear linkbetween religious beliefs, figures or customs and the actions of believers today.  

Evaluate reasons and offer own opinions and thoughts on whether these actions are important. 

Year 5 

Investigate key religious festivals and debate their significance.  

Offer own opinions on the justification of some religious actions.  

Year 6 

Explain why it is important for believers to show commitment and describe different ways they do this.  

Investigate and debate religious issues and clearly express a reasoned opinion.