How we promote British values through our core Christian values and our SMSC (spiritual, moral, social, cultural) provision

Our core Christian values:

Grace     |     Integrity     |     Aspiration

Our core values are given their Christian distinctiveness by being grounded in the Christian story – in the life and teachings of Jesus. They are at the centre of: our school Christian ethos; curriculum and wider provision; policies and planning; day-to-day interactions and decisions. Through our values underpinning all we do and through ensuring pupils’ SMSC development, we are actively promoting fundamental British Values.

British values are: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We promote these values in line with the Government’s PREVENT theme of the anti-terrorist strategy CONTEST.

Our school value

Examples of how our SMSC provision supports British values


Grace is a gift of God, the working of the Spirit of grace in a person’s life. It is the way of life that can be found in a gracious, grateful and generous community.

Grace at St Katharine’s means:

  • being a place of gratitude, saying thanks even in difficult times and appreciating our unique surroundings
  • being inclusive and open to others; giving worth to others, demonstrating tolerance and forgiveness
  • showing gratitude for the efforts put in by others
  • being good receivers – grateful and gracious in accepting what others offer
  • recognising that we are interdependent and rely on each other
  • showing humility by listening to others and being open to different views
  • being generous in our love, treatment and giving to others



Mutual respect

Values ambassadors and house captains

Play leaders

Beach schools

RSPB birdwatching survey

Eclispe science day

Music and the arts; storytelling

Yr 2 project: ‘What a wonderful world’

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Visits to church, synagogue, mosque

Projects, eg year 6 ‘A Path to Peace’

RE curriculum: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism

Music and the arts; stories

Individual liberty

Fundraising including Operation Christmas Child, Uganda, Sport Relief, Poppy Appeal


Integrity, the truth of a person, is seen in the correlation between what Jesus said and what he did.

Integrity at St Katharine’s means:

  • valuing and respecting the whole person
  • encouraging being true to oneself and acknowledging that education is about the search for truth about oneself, the world and beyond
  • exploring moral and other issues through our curriculum
  • encouraging truthfulness in pupils, staff, governors and parents
  • being open and honest but upholding confidentiality
  • making informed choices
  • seeking justice being mindful of forgiveness and humility




Mutual respect

Saints Days: messages and assemblies

Anti-bullying and e-safety weeks

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Fundraising and links with Yurie Yoshimi, Uganda and year 5 project

Year 5 project: ‘What makes a good Muslim?’

Guest speakers: Jewish and Christian in RE

The rule of law

School pulse (council), eco-warriors, Rights Respecting work

‘Is Plastic Fantastic’ environment project; e-safety

School behavior ladder and policy

Links with fire service, police and road safety programme

PSHE Life Education van

Individual liberty 

Pupil feedback on lessons and activities

Pupil views on learning, environment and wellbeing through election manifestos

Democracy  House captain elections, class elections for school pulse; year 6 project ‘Silence Never Won Rights’, Eco-warrior reps



Aspiration is hope in God’s transforming power. It is a hope grounded in the promise of God and in his action through and in Jesus Christ.

Aspiration at St Katharine’s means:

  • valuing and nurturing the gifts and attributes of all who play their part in our school
  • having high aspirations for everyone who plays a part in our school and for our school as a whole
  • striving for high standards and having high expectations in all we do
  • helping children to understand about their role in society and the challenges it brings
  • knowing that learning and developing can be difficult and challenging and that failure is part of learning; if there are no mistakes, there will be no growing
  • being prepared to take risks
  • celebrating learning, good behaviour and contributions to school life


Mutual respect

Wide range of extra-curricular clubs, arts, sports

Fit and fruity Friday – classes eating fruit and exercising together

Be the Best You Can Be programme

Residential trips

Classroom ethos of learning from mistakes and choosing challenges – growth mindset approach

Democracy Whole school election and creation of manifesto; voting for house captains; wellbeing reps; pupil voice surveys

The rule of law Class charters, playground charter, anti-bullying code

Individual liberty

Houses and celebration days: Edison, Yousafzai, Churchill, Pankhurst

WW2 project

Roles of responsibility in school

Celebration assemblies