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All children and staff at St Katharine's are put in to team 'houses', redyellowblue and green. The house captains in 2014 chose new names for each house that represent famous people who have had an impact on the world: Churchill, Edison, Pankhurst and Yousafzai. These people were chosen because they demonstrate or demonstrated our school values and powerful learning attributes.


This year our house captains and vice captains are:

CHURCHILL: House captains: Zach Phillips and Georgina Owen; Vice captain: Callan Tointon and Megan Howard

EDISON: House captains: Max Hecquet and Nicole Looney; Vice captains: Finley Lock and Bridgette Bennett

PANKHURST: House captains: Harry Burton and Zara Cheshire; Vice captains: Ted Stacey and Issy Kelly

YOUSAFZAI: House captains: Enzo Turgel and Emily Lucas; Vice captains: Peter Marshall and Ella Fletcher