Below is the latest school newsletter from 12th July 2019 in a basic format. You can use the button to print it, or alternatively download it as a PDF here



We had a lovely outdoor worship this week near the ‘Inside Out’ room. Early Years children got very excited about the bubbles that were used to illustrate spreading our values from inside us, out towards others and the world. You may have noticed our fabulous boat has now got some lettering on it: “If we make enough ripples, we might just create a wave.”


Staff Leavers

Today we had a ‘Mrs Hack Day’ to celebrate the retirement of Mrs Hack. Each year group in key stage two prepared a fit and fruity style activity to do with Mrs Hack and her family. We wish her well!

Good luck also to Miss Peaty and Mr Matthews for their promotions to Avonwood and St Luke’s respectively. We wish Mrs Lovegrove all the best for her move to new pastures, as well as Miss Tombs, Miss O’Malley and Mr Brown who are training to be teachers, and Mr Winwood who is going to university. We thank them all for their contributions to St Katharine’s.


Sports Day

Thank you for the huge amount of positive messages, cards, emails and comments we have had about our very successful sports day. We are thrilled that everyone enjoyed it so much – particular thanks go to Miss Whittley, Mrs Bradley and Mr Burke. The children were magnificent and behaviour was impeccable.


French play

Years 3 to 6 really enjoyed the fantastic French performance last week, ‘Tickets pour l’espace’ that was perfectly pitched and lots of fun. Thank you to our French teacher, Mrs Watson, for organising it.


Year 6

Year 6 have been absolutely amazing this year and we are preparing to say goodbye to them next week. Their SATS results are fantastic, but more importantly, they are leaving us, well-prepared to ‘bee-brilliant’ at secondary school and in the future. They took part in the leavers’ service at The Priory last week and we look forward to their own leavers’ service to parents at St Katharine’s Church next Thursday at 9:45 (yr6 parents only).


Open evening

We look forward to seeing you, if you are able to make it, between 3-3:45, in the classrooms. It is a chance for you to follow up on anything in your child’s report and look at your child’s books and take them home.



As our three-form year group now reaches year 6, we are moving year groups to different areas of the school – your child will already have told you where they will be.


Macmillan Cancer Support

Mrs Smith, music teacher, is raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support by having her hair shaved off in school next Thursday morning.  If you would like to support this cause you can donate online by or Mrs Smith will be in the playground next Thursday before school with a collection bucket.


Y4 Singing Strategy Concert
Congratulations to all the Y4 children who took part in the Christchurch Singing Strategy concert at the Pavilion last Tuesday.  It was a great concert and your singing was fabulous.  Thank you to the parents and staff who gave up their time to support it.


Instrumental Lessons in September

If your child is in Y4 or 5 and currently has instrumental lessons in school, please ensure your reply slips about continuing lessons are returned to the school office so that Mrs Smith is able to plan a timetable for next academic year.  

If you are hiring a school instrument please ensure that it is returned to the school office or directly to Mrs Smith so these can be serviced and organised for new pupils next year.

If your child is in Y3, 4 or 5 and is hoping to start instrumental lessons in September you should have received a letter letting you know which instrument they have been offered.  If you decide not to take up this offer, please let Mrs Smith know in writing next week or in the first week of next term.


Hot School Meals

We would like to thank our wonderful catering team for all their efforts this year.  They have done an amazing job to provide hot meals for around 250 children every day.  We have had some wonderful themed lunches over the year and we have enjoyed our ‘hotdog day’ lunches which we will be continuing throughout next year.  There is a small price increase for hot school meals from September to £2.50 per day.  This only applies to children in Key Stage Two as children in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 will still qualify for free school meals.



If you have any medicines in school, please ensure they are collected by the end of term.  Any medicines left will be disposed of.


Lost Property

Lost Property will be outside the school office on display every day next week, we also have some lost watches, please come to the school office to check these. Items not collected by next Friday will be disposed of over the summer holidays.



Please remember that the school has a no earring policy. If any piercings are done over the summer break the expectation is that they will be removed in September for the return to school.


Safewise Summer Events

Please find attached details of events that Safewise are holding over the holidays. For further information or to book a place please refer to their website.


Sun Safety

Now that summer has finally arrived, please ensure your child comes to school each day with a sun hat and sun protection applied.



Please ensure no nuts or nut products are brought into school. We have a number of children with severe allergies and their health must not be compromised.


Hot School Meals

Please remember to order your hot school meals by 11.59pm every Sunday to ensure your child has a hot school meal for the coming week.



Please see the PDF version of the newsletter for all our diary dates